Treasurer's Office

The treasurer's office is responsible for the overall financial operations of the ESC. These responsibilities include general accounting, accounts payable, budgetary, billing, receipts, payroll,inventory, banking, benefits, internal controls, grant management, contracts, credit card management, record maintenance, and compliance. It is the treasurer’s responsibility to ensure the efficient use of the ESC’s resources.  The treasurer is employed by the Board of Education and licensed through Ohio Department of Education. The Ohio Revised Code Section 3313 has many sections that apply to the ESC Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities.  The ESC is audited annually by the State of Ohio Auditor’s Office. The annual audit report is found on their website and upon request to the treasurer. The treasurer’s office works out of the Sidney office and Bellefontaine office of the ESC.

Keith Thomas, Treasurer   kthomas@mresc.org


Who do I contact?

Health/Dental/Vision/Life insurance - Elaine Drumm

Want to change insurance - Elaine Drumm

Timesheets - Teresa Featheringham

My personnel contract - Teresa Featheringham

Requisition questions - Laurie Leach

Purchase Order questions – Laurie Leach

Vision Services invoice and contract – Laurie Leach

Other Questions - Keith Thomas

Treasurer’s Office Team


  • Laurie Leach - Accounts Payable, Billing, Vision financial support, Resident Educator/VLA financial support  937-599-1959 lleach@mresc.org  ext. 5512


  • Elaine Drumm - Employee Orientation, Fringe Benefits including workers’ comp/ACA compliance, Preschool Payment tracking, and Hardin Community School Treasurer    edrumm@mresc.org   937-599-1959 ext. 5514

All of the above are available 8am-4pm Monday-Friday.